A CMS for developers

Crispage is a CMS for developers, created by crispycat. It is fast, light and flexible. Crispage is licensed under the GPL v3 and can be extended with views, themes, modules and plugins.


Crispage scored 100% on GTmetrix on shared hosting with a TTFB of 400 ms.


Crispage's code only takes up 1.5 MB, much less than traditional CMS software.


Crispage is easy to modify to your specifications. Change how it looks with templates, build great-looking pages with views and modules, and add new functionality with plugins.


  • Create and manage articles and categories
  • Build interactive menus
  • Manage site users
  • Get feedback on your content with comments
  • Customize your site with themes
  • Add functionality to your pages with modules
  • Add new features to your site with plugins
  • Free and open source under the GPL
  • Easy to extend
  • Free email support (subject to change)


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